What Is GigBoxx?

We at GigBoxx believe that the world deserves a platform where artists, musicians, programmers, coders, and anyone else with a talent can share their service with the world in exchange for payment in either fiat or cryptocurrencies. As the financial world works to keep up with the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, we've designed a platform which will easilly allow individuals to purchase various online services in a variety of currencies!


Why Should I Invest in GigBoxx?

GigBoxx is a unique platform which incorporates both fiat and cryptocurrencies into buying and selling "gigs." GigBoxx is also designed on the principle of safety in puchasing and selling, which is why we offer purchase protection for every purchase from a verified creator, which incorporates our escrow system for both fiat and cryptocurrency payments.


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Frequently Asked Questions..

*What is GigBoxx?

GigBoxx is a crypto based p2p platform where anyone can sell their unique digital goods or services to the public in exchange for fiat or crypto. We're making connections. Our mission is to bring non crypto and crypto users together through the digital products bought and sold on our platform.

*How do I purchase a "gig" on GigBoxx?

Purchasing on GigBoxx is easy - simply choose what you'd like to purchase, hit the "purchase" button, and checkout! You'll be prompted to create an account when you checkout so that you can easily track your purchases and communicate with creators. If you want to use purchase protection, you'll be required to create an account. Purchasing is just as easy as any other online purchase you might make.

*What if I want to purchase something that isn't listed on GigBoxx?

There are several ways to purchase custom Gigs! If a creator is accepting custom requests, then you'll see a "request" button on their page. You may request any sort of custom work from a creator with the request button visible. The request button will allow you to input your job requirements, and will create a direct message between you and the creator so you can discuss the request. The creator will be able to create a custom Gig, just for you, which you'll be able to purchase like you would any other Gig.

If you can't find anyone who to create your custom Gig, or don't want to take the time searching through hundreds of listings, why not use the BidBoxx? The BidBoxx is a place where anyone can create a purchase request, and verified creators can bid on those jobs. Listers can put in various guidlines like the price, timeline, and any details about the gig that they think will help creators accurately bid the job!

*How do I start selling my digital products on GigBoxx?

To sell your creations on GigBoxx, first create an account, and then head to the "become a Creator" tab. From there, you'll be prompted to create your profile, which tells the world all about you. You'll be able to highlight your skills, show off your 5 star rating, and display your verified badge, all on your own personal profile. You'll also be able to offer customers the ability to request a custom Gig with a request button!

From your profile, you'll be able to request a verification using our KYC partner. Verification has no up front cost. When you make your first sale, the equivalent of $5 will be taken in platform fees to recoup the cost of the KYC for GigBoxx.

*What Cryptocurrencies will I be able to use to purchase Gigs?

GigBoxx aims to be open to accepting all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and others.

*I'm a creator, what if I only want to accept fiat?

When you create a profile, you will be asked if you would like to accept payments in fiat, cryptocurrency, or both. Your profile will display what payment forms you accept, and buyers will be able to search for creators who accept their preferred payment method.

*How do I accept payment in cryptocurrency?

When you create your profile, if you select that you want to accept cryptocurrency, you'll be prompted to create a GigBoxx wallet. A GigBoxx wallet allows anyone to pay you in the currencies currently listed on GigBoxx. From your GigBoxx wallet, you'll be able to easily send your cryptocurrencies to other wallets or exchanges.

*How do I use payment protection?

If you are purchasing from a verified creator, then when you checkout you'll see a "Buy with Payment Protection" option. Payment Protection is GigBoxx's answer to creators who don't finish the work they were asked to create, or don't create exactly what the client asked for, and won't work to fix the issue.

*I'm a creator, what if I don't want to use Payment Protection?

Only verified creators on the GigBoxx platform are eligible to use Payment Protection. (All buyers are eligible to use it.) You may choose not to become a verified creator on the platform if you don't want to use payment protection.

*How does Payment Protection work?

When a buyer makes a purchase, they will pay 100% of the price of the Gig to GigBoxx. GigBoxx will hold these funds until the buyer has indicated that their purchase has been successfully completed, at which point they will complete the payment to the creator. If there is a dispute between the the buyer and the creator, then the GigBoxx Dispute Resolution team will work with both parties to help resolve the dispute.

*How does Dispute Resolution work?

Dispute resolution is only available through the payment protection program. When a dispute arises, GigBoxx arbiters will examine both sides of the case. If the work was not completed, then they may work with the creator to ensure that the work is completed, or they may refund the funds to the buyer and cancel the Gig. If the Gig was completed, then they will process the payment to the creator. In a dispute, per the terms and conditions of GigBoxx, the GigBoxx arbiters have the final say over whether the payment is completed or refunded.

*What is a strike?

GigBoxx creators who do not produce the work that they were paid to complete, as determined by a GigBoxx arbiter, will recieve a strike which will be placed in a private record only visible to GigBoxx administrators. Creators who recieve too many strikes may lose their verified status, or be either temporarily or permanently banned from using the GigBoxx platform.

Buyers who create an excessive amount of Dispute tickets may also be subject to recieving strikes, if the disputes are determined to be overwhelmingly in favor of the creators.

GigBoxx seeks to work with both creators and buyers to create a safe and friendly atmosphere in which people can buy and sell Gigs. Strikes, and other forms of punisment are last resorts for GigBoxx and will only be issued after a comprehensive review.

*What do I do if I've been banned?

Anyone who has been banned from the GigBoxx platform is able to dispute their ban by sending an email to accounts@GigBoxx.com. All cases will be reviewed by a member of the GigBoxx team.

*What if I'm not happy with the work that I bought?

We encourage all creators to work with their customers to complete work that is satisfactory. Once a Gig has been completed, buyers will have an opportunity to rate their creator, as well as leave a review. Creators with lower ratings may be shown lower in searches for creators on the platform.

*Where is the GIGS token going to launch?

The team has not yet decided where to launch. The launch will happen before the end of April.

*Where can I find the token contract?

The token contract can be found by going to https://GigBoxx.com and looking at the top of the main page. Remember to always get the token address from an official source to avoid scams.

*Is there going to be a white list for the presale?

Yes! There are contests running right now on our social channels! Check out our twitter, discord, and telegram for up-to-date info on how to enter for your chance to win. Also make sure to follow us for new contest announcements and other surprises!

*Does GIGS offer any rewards?

Yes - GIGS has a 7% BUSD rewards which is paid out to holders every hour, depending on volume.

*What are the buy and sell taxes?

All buys and sells are subject to an 11% tax. This tax funds the 7% BUSD reward. In addition, 2% of all buys and sells go to the marketing fund, and 2% of all buys and sells go to the liquidity, automatically.

*Are there any taxes to transfer my tokens?

No - there are no taxes to transfer tokens. In order to make the token more user friendly the GigBoxx team has elected to eliminate all transfer taxes.

*What has the GigBoxx team done to increase the security of the token?

The GIGS token will undergo a full audit to ensure that there are no vulnerabilites or dangerous functions in the contract. The business development wallet is setup as a Gnosis Multi-Sig wallet which requires multiple people on the team to approve any transactions to or from this wallet. All core team members will undergo KYC from an accredited KYC provider before token launch.